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AJS’s work in Honduras has helped establish it as a leading voice on issues of violence and corruption in the country. AJS leadership is regularly – both in Honduras and internationally. See where our work on anti-corruption, violence prevention, and fighting for justice has been featured.

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“Central American Immigration and U.S. Foreign Policy

Sonia Nazario – March 31, 2020

As part of the Great Decisions series from the West Michigan World Affairs Council, Sonia Nazario shares about root causes of migration based on her reporting in Honduras and Central America.

Access her talk using the password: greatdecisions.


“Christian Nonprofits Reeling from Trump Cuts to Foreign Aid”

By Bekah McNeel – February 4, 2020

“Christian ministries in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador know they are in for a tough year. The US government has drastically cut aid to the three Central American countries in response to the large number of refugees who have fled north to seek asylum in America.”


“Reclaiming home turf”

By Jamie Dean – November 7, 2019

“Migration from Central America has surged, but in Honduras, some Christians are doing unsung work to make their country a safer place to live.”


“Social Entrepreneur Confronts Twin Honduran Demons Violence And Corruption”

By Devin Thorpe – July 29, 2019

“In 1998, Kurt Ver Beek had been living in Honduras for nearly a decade when he and four Hondurans founded AJS…they realized that little progress could be made without addressing the violence and corruption that then plagued and continue to plague the Central American country.”


“Pay or Die”

By Sonia Nazario – July 25, 2019

“I’ve seen programs funded by the United States reduce violence in the worst neighborhoods in Honduras. If we do it right, we can use aid to reduce violence, poverty, corruption and impunity and to bolster good governance.”


“Seeking Justice in Honduras”

Hosted by Ali Noorani – April 3, 2019

“Kurt spoke with Ali about the battle to end corruption and violence in Honduras, how the country has (and hasn’t) changed, and the hope he finds in the Honduran people.”


“The Change-Makers: A bright spot in Honduras”

By Jonathan Elias – February 21, 2019

“In this report, we meet Americans who are dedicated to improving life inside Honduras, so its citizens have better options than fleeing to the United States.”


“Bloody Honduras”

By Jamie Dean – July 3, 2018

“As murderous gangs rule the streets, despair causes many people to head north to the United States.”


“Op-Ed: To stop migrant caravans, we need to maintain U.S. aid to Honduras”

By James Nealon and Kurt Ver Beek – April 20, 2018

“In spite of daunting challenges, over the past four years, Honduras has made progress in reducing violence, improving governance, fighting corruption and extending economic opportunity to citizens. But that progress is fragile and now is not the time for America to abandon its support.”


“The Challenges of Honduran Police Reform”

February 22, 2017

“Since its inception in 2016, the Commission has taken action against nearly 2,500 police beginning at the highest ranks first.  With their mandate renewed, the Commission will continue the purge process and refocus its efforts on the urgent need for reform.”


“How the Most Dangeous Place on Earth Got Safer”

By Sonia Nazario – August 11, 2016

“By treating violence as if it were a communicable disease and changing the environment in which it propagates, the United States has not only helped to make these places safer, but has also reduced the strain on our own country.”


“Breaking Precedent, Honduras Police Reform Makes Progress”

By Mike LaSusa – June 17, 2016

“A two-month old police reform commission in Honduras has already made significant progress toward cleaning up the country’s notoriously troubled law enforcement institutions, commission members say.”


“The Honduran activists who busted thousands of ‘Ghost Teachers'”

By Vince Beiser – October 30, 2015

“For years, the schoolchildren of Honduras came in dead last in international tests of academic performance…They recently found out at least one of the reasons why: some 15,000 of those teachers weren’t actually working in the schools they were assigned to.”


“Christian Organization Works To Restore Peace In Violent Honduras”

By Devin Thorpe – October 7, 2015

“Honduras may have the highest murder rate in the world. The Christian organization called the Association for a More Just Society (AJS) is working there exclusively to help restore peace to a traumatized population.”


“Amid Rampant Violence in Honduras, Evangelicals Have Become Crime-Fighters”

By Maria Vanta – June 16, 2015

“In Honduras, a country with a staggering impunity rate of 96 percent, few people trust the police to investigate crimes. So, a Christian not-for-profit has enlisted ex-cops, lawyers, and psychologists to track down witnesses and build cases.”


“Wolterstorff: The Brave Work of the Association for a More Just Society”

Nicholas Wolterstorff – February 10, 2015

“This was the fourth time that I have traveled to Honduras to witness the work of AJS-Honduras; each time I have been moved and inspired by the bravery, imagination, dedication, and enthusiasm of the staff.”


“Justice for Honduras”

By Phil De Haan – September 1, 2014

“Alongside Study-Abroad Students, Calvin Graduates Battle Corruption and Strive for Peace”


“The Christian Work of Anti-Corruption”

By Kate Parsons – September 1, 2014

“This quiet office scene plays out in the capital city of Honduras, a small Central American country – known in international media not as much for its rich culture or breathtaking landscapes as for its sky-high homicide rate, government corruption, and deep inequality.”


“Honduras: Beating Corruption in Land Registration”

August 21, 2014

“Officially it takes 10 months to register land in Honduras. In reality, the average citizen will wait six years to secure his or her home. Yet not everyone has to stand in line.”


“In Honduras, Going From Door to Door to Prosecutors”

By Nicholas Phillips – March 4, 2014

“The investigators are part of an experiment in Nueva Suyapa that shows how the cycle of violence and impunity can be broken when middlemen do the work that the police and prosecutors either cannot or will not, tracking down witnesses, gaining their trust and persuading them to cooperate with the authorities.”


“A More Perfect Love”

By Kurt Ver Beek – 2010

“More than a dozen people were killed and dozens more robbed in my neighborhood during a three-month period, and I did nothing. That is the short version. Depending on which details I highlight, I can make it sound better or worse. “