Impact Bracelets

Impact Bracelets

Meet the Artists

Miguel Angel, Rosa, Junior, Kevin, and Sindy are just a few of the young people who learned how to make these bracelets at one of AJS’s Impact Club meeting. With the money that they raise from selling these bracelets to their friends, neighbors (or to YOU!), they want to support their club’s group activities and service projects, and pay into a solidarity fund that any club member can access when they’re in need. By purchasing these bracelets, you’re encouraging entrepreneurship and service and investing in Honduras’ future.

Want to get involved?

  • Read the stories below.
  • Contact us to get bracelets mailed to you.
  • Sell the bracelets within your community, school, church, etc.
  • Return any profits, donations, and extra bracelets back to AJS.


Contact us at 1 (800) 897-1135 or to join these young people’s fundraising efforts.


Meet Miguel Angel

Miguel Angel

“It’s excellent how they’re teaching us,” said Miguel Angel. Not just the bracelets – he’s learned “how to speak, how to behave”, has made close friends, and participated in public campaigns against animal mistreatment, littering, and other community problems.

Miguel Angel studies finance at a technical high school, and hopes one day “to have a good job and take care of my family. I dream of graduating, getting a good job, and being an exemplary man like my dad.”

Meet Rosa

Rosa’s smile is infectious, and her favorite thing to do is talk with her friends. She’s put this charisma to use selling bracelets to friends, classmates, and neighbors. She’s also taking a beauty course through the Impact Club, learning how to do nails and to cut and style hair. “It’s so nice, because when you start a job later, you already have a head start,” she says. “These are things you can’t learn at home.”

Through the Impact Clubs, Rosa says she’s learned respect, tolerance, honesty, and the desire to constantly improve herself. Most of all, she’s learned, “If I want to achieve something, I can achieve it.”


Meet Junior


After four years attending the Impact Club, Junior has seen a big change in his own life. “Before, I didn’t hang out with people, now I’m friends with everyone,” he says, “I’ve learned respect, honesty, kindness, generosity…” he says, counting values on his fingers.

He dreams of one day being a police officer like his father was, “protecting the people of Honduras.” With the skills and values he has learned at the clubs, he believes this dream is possible.

Meet Kevin

Like many seventh-graders in the U.S., Kevin loves soccer and hanging out with his friends. But unlike most U.S. seventh-graders, Kevin has to think seriously about safety and his future.

“It’s nice to live in a community close to family and friends,” he says, “but I don’t like that here there is a lot of insecurity. Here, they kill innocent people.”

“Someday I want to own a business or have a dignified job,” he says. Learning to make and sell bracelets, he continues, “is teaching me good skills so if I’m ever without a job I could start my own business.


Meet Sindy


Sindy has been attending the weekly Impact Club since she was ten years old, and has seen a transformation in herself. “I was really shy when I joined and didn’t like to participate,” she says, “But they encouraged me to participate and talked with me, and now I’m not the same person I was before. I talk and joke with everyone, and people know me for my character.”

Sindy has big dreams for the future. Sometimes she wants to be a mechanic and own her own workshop – “I like the idea that I can fix something and it will work for another day!” Other days she thinks she would rather be a travel agent and work in tourism – “I really like to get to know people and places.”

Through her time in the club, she’s learning values and skills that will help her to achieve the dreams she decides to pursue.