Short-Term Volunteers

AJS-US welcomes short term volunteers! We have various opportunities including engaging in advocacy campaigns, assisting in events, staying informed through online and print newsletters, and helping with various administrative/office tasks at our Grand Rapids office. We especially rely heavily on volunteers for our annual Celebration Events. If you’re interested in volunteering for a Celebration, contact Alison Wabeke by email at alison@ajs-us.org or by phone at 1(800)897-1135.

Long-Term Volunteers

AJS welcomes volunteer interns in Honduras and in the United States according to our needs on a case-by-case basis. You can see examples of long-term volunteer opportunities below. With inquiries please write to Alison Wabeke by email at alison@ajs-us.org.


AJS’s partner organization Asociación para una Socieded más Justa (AJS-Honduras) is currently accepting inquiries from potential volunteer interns that meet the following criteria:

  • committed to working with AJS-Honduras for a minimum of one year.
  • demonstrates, at minimum a medium-high level of Spanish language proficiency.
  • is organized, highly motivated, a self-starter, and able to work independently.
  • has abilities to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • has excellent skills in research and writing in various disciplines (academic and journalistic).
  • has a strong capacity to analyze and summarize information.
  • is willing to help planning and organizing events.
  • is committed to the Christian values and faith of AJS in bravely pursuing justice.
  • is able to adapt to Honduran culture and context and to AJS-Honduras work environment, including working in impoverished urban communities and collaborating on team projects.
  • is willing to accept levels of risk necessarily associated with AJS-Honduras’s work.

Volunteer positions with AJS-Honduras in Honduras generally involve:

  • Research and Writing for AJS-Honduras projects and investigations
  • Summaries of documents and reports
  • Event and visit planning
  • Assistance and support to AJS-Honduras coordinators and directors

Interns should be prepared and able to cover the full cost of their time in Honduras (travel, meals and lodging, insurance, etc.). Depending on the availability of funds, AJS may or may not be able to offer a moderate stipend and/or aid for certain expenses after arrival in Honduras.

United States

AJS offers volunteer internship opportunities in our US home office in Grand Rapids, MI. This job could include tasks such as:

  • Communications / fundraising activities such as writing or editing articles, updating our website, sending out emails, etc.
  • Help with the planning and executing of events
  • Advocacy activities–communicating with constituents in the U.S. about specific cases, such as the Dionisio case, and getting them to take actions like writing letters and sending emails.
  • Administrative support: entering donor and donation information into our database, coordinating printings and mailings, etc.
  • Research: there could be some opportunities for helping to research issues AJS is concentrating on related to Honduran government and politics.