Justice Partners


Become a Justice Partner!

As a Justice Partner, you are part of our monthly giving community of passionate justice-seekers who believe that building a more just society in Honduras is possible. By giving monthly, Justice Partners stand alongside brave Hondurans to strengthen public systems and set a foundation for all to have access to justice.


You Make Justice Possible.

As a Justice Partner, you help us challenge violence and injustice over the long term. Nationwide legal reform can take months of diligent research and advocacy. Investigating a homicide case could take days, months, or even years of diligent work.

By giving monthly, you commit to joining brave Christians in Honduras for the long-haul. You know pursuing justice is a journey. From caring for a survivor of gang violence to reforming Honduras’ public schools, your regular gifts provide stability and consistent support. That’s the power of partnership.

You're with us because you believe justice looks like:

  • Strong systems of laws and government in Honduras
  • Transparency and accountability in Honduras
  • Peace and safety in Honduras
  • Christians inspired to do justice around the world 

You're in Good Company.

As a Justice Partner, you join a community of passionate, justice-seekers. It’s a community that believes we are meant to live in a just world where governments, systems, and laws protect their citizens. It’s a community that takes action when they see injustice, believing that we all have a role to play in creating the more just society that we believe is possible.

We love fearlessly and do justice. Justice Partners believe in our mission, want to make a difference, and believe that doing justice is something we can all be a part of.

Be Inspired!

Every month, you’ll receive a story about how your gift has made an impact. In addition, you’ll have access to resources about our work in Honduras.

This is how we end injustice in Honduras: by remaining committed, hopeful, and brave as we move forward in creating a more just society.