Responding to COVID-19 with Fearless Love

  • March 20, 2020

We are all living in uncertain times where things are changing and fear can be overwhelming. Our mission is to do justice, love fearlessly, and inspire others to do the same. Though our day-to-day has changed, we are taking several measures to ensure the wellbeing of all our staff during this time, as well as finding new ways to live out our mission and inspire others to do the same in the context our world is facing.

For our AJS-US team, this looks like allowing a more flexible schedule for our staff, giving them the time to serve the communities they are in and ensuring that they have healthy support systems. We are also focusing on the ideas of loving fearlessly, relationships, and the most vulnerable, which are driving our actions in the coming weeks. We have created a webpage that promotes various ways to love fearlessly, our AJS-US staff is being intentional in supporting our wider AJS community, and we will be hosting a Virtual Celebration event to share AJS’s journey, which we invite you to join!

Our AJS-Honduras partners report that they are doing well and are adjusting to continuing their work for justice from home while Tegucigalpa is under quarantine. The Transform Honduras alliance has met with the World Health Organization (WHO) to get a sense of the health issues around the COVID-19 response in Honduras and will be meeting with the minister of health to help shape the government’s response and monitor its implementation of the process. AJS-Honduras’s education team is also at work taking advantage of the temporary closure of all Honduran schools by pushing for a second registration to get as many of the 1.1 million children currently out of the system back in school as soon as possible.

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