Around the World

Our History

As the sister organization of AJS-Honduras, a big part of our work is sharing our experience in Honduras with justice seekers around the world, inspiring them to work for justice in their own contexts.

Sharing AJS's Work across the Globe

AJS presents about our work in Honduras all across the world, seeking to educate and inspire others by our work in justice. In 2019, we presented at the Paris Peace Forum and the World Justice Project, both of which recognized the groundbreaking work for justice we are doing in Honduras. We’ve worked with leaders in Chicago to share about our violence reduction models.

Want to learn more about our work or the issues facing Honduras? Check out this video of our co-founder Kurt Ver Beek giving a talk at Calvin University’s January Series or the Learn section of our website. 

Creating International Partnerships

Our leaders visit Washington D.C. a few times a year to advocate for U.S. policies that contribute to justice and transparency in Honduras. Whether it’s meeting with other faith leaders about the root causes of migration or presenting on the work of the Honduran Police Purge Commission, we share our experience in Honduras to inform decision-makers about the biggest issues facing the country and how U.S. policy influences Honduras. We seek to create partnership across borders to work together towards justice.

Together with Partners Worldwide, we annually host the VIIP, a group of international lawyers that advocate for justice in Honduras’ Property Institute, which is responsible for surveying and titling land in Honduras. With the support of the VIIP, AJS has continuously evaluated this important government institution–calling out weaknesses that lead to corruption.

In addition, AJS is a member of the Faith and Public Integrity Network, an international group of Christian organizations working to address corruption. We share experiences and strategies for anti-corruption work from all corners of the globe.