Our Partnership


AJS-Honduras and AJS-US: Two Organizations and a Common Goal

AJS and ASJ partnership.PNG

The Association for a More Just Society works for justice for the most vulnerable in Honduras, and also works to inspire and encourage others around the world to seek justice in their own contexts. This work is done through two organizations, AJS-Honduras, located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and AJS-US, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

AJS-Honduras was founded in 1998 by a group of four Hondurans and a North American couple with more than a decade of experience in the country. AJS-US started two years later in 2000 to serve as a way for passionate North Americans to support the good work already taking place in Honduras. The sister organizations have separate budgets and boards of directors, but a shared commitment to be brave Christians interested in making government systems work and be just.

AJS-US provides funding for groundbreaking AJS-Honduras programs (other programs are funded by private foundations and foreign aid programs). In addition to financial support, AJS-US works to share AJS-Honduras’ vision of justice and transformation with people around the world.

The two organizations work closely together. Two of AJS-US’s staff work full-time in the AJS-Honduras office, and AJS-Honduras staff travel to the United States to share at fundraising or advocacy events. This creates opportunities for mutual support and learning, and affirmation that despite being registered as two different organizations, AJS-US and AJS-Honduras form one movement dedicated to justice in Honduras.